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Oase Vitronic 18W-24W-36W-55W – use the parts diagram below to select the items you need and click on View Part:

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Oase Vitronic 18W-24W-36W-55W
PartImagePart Name18W24W36W55W
1Oase Vitronic Ballast Unit 55WElectronic Ballast Unit35839View Part22219View Part35840View Part35841View Part
2Oase UVC Bulb 24WUVC Bulb - Oase56236View Part56237View Part55432View Part56636View Part
3Oase Vitronic Quartz Glass Sleeve 18W 24W 36WQuartz Glass21763View Part21763View Part21763View Part13331View Part
4Oase Vitronic Clip Bolt SetSleeve Nut + Seal15748View Part15748View Part15748View Part15748View Part
5ASM Waterhousing22206222062220635797
6Oase Vitronic Input Output TailsInput Output Tails35877View Part35877View Part35877View Part35877View Part
7Oase Vitronic GasketGasket / O Ring19491View Part19491View Part19491View Part3555
8Inspection Glass29421
9Oase Vitronic Cap NutCap Nut15445View Part15445View Part15445View Part12096
-InstructionsView PartView PartView PartView Part