Oase PondoVac Classic spares.

Select the part you need from the diagram below; then find it in the table and click on View Part:

Oase PondoVac Classic
1Pontec PondoMatic HandleHandleView Part28062
2Oase Pontec Pondomatic Replacement FoamFilter FoamView Part44004
3Pontec PondoMatic Lock PlateEngage PlateView Part44001
6Pontec PondoMatic Vacuum Suction HoseIntake HoseView Part44007
7Pontec PondoMatic Vacuum HoseOutlet HoseView Part44008
8Pontec PondoMatic Suction PipeSuction PipeView Part44000
9Suction Pipe Clear44003
10Pontec PondoMatic Wet Suction NozzleNozzle SetView Part47013
12Pontec PondoMatic NozzleUniversal NozzleView Part44010
15Debris Bag44009
16Filter Bag44006