Oase biosmart 7000 14000 spare parts listing.

Select the part you need from the diagram below; then find it in the table and click on View Part:

Oase BioSmart 7000 14000
1UVC Cover2940429404
3Inner Cover3489725731
4Foam Red3579135791
5Foam Blue3579235792
6Foam Holder3489934899
7Filter Box2572725729
8Pontec MultiClear 15000 Connection KitHose ConnectorsView Part35204view Part35204
9UVC Cover1076729405
10UV Ballast Replacement Head (7W / 9W / 11W) for PondoPress, BioSmart, BioPress, VitronicBallast UnitView Part15665view Part15665
11G23 11W UVC BulbsUVC BulbView Part56112view Part56112
12Oase Pontec Replacement Quartz Glass D33 x 200Quartz SleeveView Part13312view Part13312
13Oase PondoPress 5000, 10000, 15000 Seal Kit + BoltsSealing SetView Part12090view Part12090
14Pontec MultiClear UVC HousingUVC HousingView Part34900view Part34900
15Ballast Complete Unit10768
BSpare Pump1374513742