Oase BioSmart 20000 24000 30000 exploded parts diagram.

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Oase BioSmart 20000 24000 30000
2Cover with Grating262142621426214
3Coupling Nut 1/2"266362663626636
5PVC Nipple554255425542
6Level Indicator350833508335083
7Float Level350843508435084
8Sealing Plug264182641826418
9AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 BoltScrewView Part22853View Part22853View Part22853
10Gate Valve350893508935089
11Drain Valve350853508535085
12Sleeve Gasket351033510335103
16Hose Adaptors227592276722759
17AquaMax Eco CWS Screw cap 2"Screw Cap 2"View Part25993View Part25993View Part25993
18Foam Holder Open Blue350473504735047
19Foam Holder Closed Black350823508235082
20Oase BioSmart 18000 - 36000 Replacement Foam SetFoam BlueView Part56678View Part56678View Part56678
21Oase BioSmart Replacement Foam RedFoam RedView Part56677View Part56677View Part56677
22Oase Foam Set for BioSmart 18000 - 36000Foam GreenView Part56679View Part56679View Part56679
23Inner Cover260782607826078
24Air Connection350873508735087