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Oase BioPress 4000 – use the parts diagram to select the items you need and click on View Part:

Oase BioPress 4000
PartImagePart Name4000
1Oase BioPlus 4000 / PondoPress 5000 Replacement Foam Set  Replacement Foam Set15558View Part
2Oase Pontec 5000 Lid SealLid O Ring 185 x 614543View Part
3ASM Clamp47829
4Pontec PondoPress 5000 HousingFilter Box14555View Part
5Spare Part Lid15561
6Additional Pack14825
7ASM Cover15326
8UV Ballast Replacement Head (7W / 9W / 11W) for PondoPress, BioSmart, BioPress, VitronicASM UVC 7W, 9W, 11W15665View Part
9Oase UVC Bulb 7W G23 2 pin PLS GenuineReplacement Bulb UVC 7W - Oase57111View Part
9G23 7W UVC BulbsReplacement Bulb UVC 7WView Part
10Oase PondoPress 5000, 10000, 15000 Seal Kit + BoltsClip Bolt Set15535View Part
11Pontec Replacement Quartz Glass TubeQuartz glass D33 x 100.9 with Rim14193View Part
12ASM UVC15328
BSpare Pump FP 150015329
InstructionsView Part
Oase BioPress 4000 set
Oase BioPress 4000 front