Oase AquaMax Eco Premium 20000 parts diagram.

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Oase Eco Premium 20000
PartImagePart Name20000
1AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 Filter Housing TopFilter Housing TopView Part17963
2Clamp EC216982
3Oase Aqua Max Eco Premium Rubber BufferRubber BufferView Part17232
4Oase Pond 2" Adapter Adapter 2"View Part16859
5Oase Pond Spare Output Pipe 2"Output Pipe 2"View Part17069
6Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Additional Fittings SetOutput Pipe 1"- 1½"View Part17272
7Pump holder EC230231
8AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 Filter Housing BottomFilter housing baseView Part17962
9AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 Suction AdaptorSuction AdapterView Part16867
10AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 RegulatorRegulatorView Part16866
11AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 BoltOval Head Screw 4.8x19View Part22853
12Side ClipView Part30983
13Aqua Max Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 Screws x4Oval Head Screw M5x20View Part6055
14Adapter Housing EC230218
15ASM Slider EC235763
16Flat gasket 107 x 78 x 2.5 USP 16 light17513
17Impeller RotorView Part30538
18Intermediate Housing EC230217
19O-Ring NBR 125x3.5 SH70View Part15574
20ASM Pumphousing30235
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Oase AquaMax Eco Premium 20000

  • Outstanding energy balance: reliable displacement using even less energy
  • Supplementary, patented connection of optional filter accessories for debris supply from more distant pond zones
  • Unique, patented frost protection: the pump will not be damaged at temperatures down to as -20° C
  • Elegant design with clever operating elements
  • Quiet for dry setup on swim ponds and bathing ponds
  • »Environmental Function Control« (EFC by OASE) protects against dry run and blocking
  • MADE IN GERMANY: precise and reliable German engineering skills at a particularly high quality level
  • Displace plant remains or fish waste up to 10 mm in size
  • Flow rate can be mechanically and electronically adjusted
SFC switch
Seasonal Flow Control

For AquaMax Eco Premium 12000 / 16000 / 20000. With the SFC function switched on the pump automatically optimises water flow and delivery head, and reduces them by up to 50 %.

Regulation + 2nd Inlet
Regulation + 2nd Inlet

A 2nd inlet allows connection of a satellite filter or surface skimmer. This allows the flow through to be mechanically adjusted from 0 to 100 %.

Oase Eco Premium
Oase Eco Premium
Oase Eco Premium