AquaMax Eco CWS 4000 6000 8000 part diagram.

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AquaMax Eco CWS
#ImagePart Name400060008000
1AquaMax Eco CWS Housing TopTop housing34948View Part34948View Part34948View Part
2AquaMax Eco CWS Suction AdaptorSuction adapter34945View Part34945View Part34945View Part
3AquaMax Eco CWS Regulator + 2" CapRegulator AquaMax incl. 2" Cap34947View Part34947View Part34947View Part
4AquaMax Eco CWS Inlet & Outlet KitInlet & Outlet Kit35459View Part35459View Part35459View Part
5AquaMax Eco CWS Housing BottomBase Filter Housing34944View Part34944View Part34944View Part
6AquaMax Eco 4000 CWS Pump Housing Anti-Freeze 2-1 D22Pump Housing Anti-Freeze 2-1 D2235460View Part35497View Part35785View Part
7Oase Pond Spare Inner / Outer Impeller Housing O-RingO-Ring NBR 80 x 3 SH753580View Part3580View Part3580View Part
8AquaMax Eco CWS Anti-Freezing Foam 2-1Anti-Freezing Foam 2-126002View Part26002View Part26002View Part
9AquaMax Eco CWS Anti-Freeze Housing 2-1Anti-Freeze Housing 2-134949View Part34949View Part34949View Part
10AquaMax Eco CWS Rubber PadRubber Pad27949View Part27949View Part27949View Part
11Aqua Max Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 Screws x4Screw M5 x 206055View Part6055View Part6055View Part
12Oase Pond Spare Inner / Outer Impeller Housing O-RingO-Ring NBR 78 x 4.3 SH7028539View Part28539View Part28539View Part
13Oase Spare Impellor AquaMax Eco 4000 CWSImpeller Rotor35513View Part35514View Part35515View Part
14AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 ASM Inside HousingASM Inside Housing EC135468View Part35468View Part35468View Part
15Oase Pond Spare Inner / Outer Impeller Housing O-RingO-Ring SI 76 x 43635View Part3635View Part3635View Part
16AquaMax Eco CWS Screw cap 2"Screw cap 2"25993View Part25993View Part25993View Part
17Motor Unit356043560435604
InstructionsView PartView PartView Part

Oase Pumps

The AquaMax Eco CWS range of Oase pumps are no longer available, but there is still a range of spare parts available to keep your pump in top working order.