AquaMax Eco 6000-12V parts diagram.

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AquaMax Eco 6000-12V Parts Diagram
PartImagePart Name6000-12V
1AquaMax Eco CWS Housing TopTop housing34948View Part
2AquaMax Eco CWS Suction AdaptorSuction adapter34945View Part
3AquaMax Eco CWS Regulator + 2" CapRegulator34947View Part
4AquaMax Eco CWS Inlet & Outlet KitAdditional pack kit35459View Part
5AquaMax Eco CWS Housing BottomBase filter housing34944View Part
6AquaMax Eco 8000 CWS Pump Housing Anti-Freeze 2-1 D22Pump housing anti-freeze 2-1 D2535785View Part
7Oase O-Ring NBR 80 x 3 SH75O-Ring NBR 80 x 3 SH753580View Part
8AquaMax Eco CWS Anti-Freezing Foam 2-1Anti-freezing foam 2-126002View Part
9AquaMax Eco CWS Anti-Freeze Housing 2-1Anti-freeze housing 2-134949View Part
10AquaMax Eco CWS Rubber PadRubber pad27949View Part
11Aqua Max Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 Screws x4Oval head screw V2A DIN 7985 M5 x 20 H6055View Part
12Oase Pond Spare Inner / Outer Impeller Housing O-RingO-Ring NBR 78 x 4.3 SH7028539View Part
13Oase Aquamax Eco R 8000, Eco 6000 12 V Impeller / RotorImpeller35787View Part
14AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 6000 8000 10000 ASM Inside HousingASM inside housing35468View Part
15Oase O-Ring SI 76 x 4O-Ring SI 76 x 4 SH503635View Part
16AquaMax Eco CWS Screw cap 2"Screw cap 2"25993View Part
17ASM spare pump35788
18Cordplug Solar / ProfiLux26922
19Cable coupler Solar / ProfiLux26930
20ASM transf. DC connector 13.5 V / 60 VA35807
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